About Us

GenerousMe is a passion project and the objective is simple - make it easier for Donors to give to the needy. Our vision is to be the go-to partner for material donations and our mission is to address the economic needs of the less-privileged.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between those with surplus material items and those with little or nothing!

Our Vision

To build a global community of material item donors!


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1What kind of items can I donate?
We appreciate all forms of donations, accommodating a variety of tangible items including clothes, shoes, jewelry, books, toys, electronics, e.t.c. All we ask is for the items to be in good condition as we aim to only give out items to beneficiaries in good condition.
2How are donations distributed?
We continuously identify organisations and underserved communities with diverse needs such as orphanages, remand homes and public libraries. We distribute items as the needs are identified.
3Can I drop the items at a drop off-point or arrange delivery by myself?
We really appreciate that you are willing to make this easier for us, but we already have a logistics process in place that makes it easier for us to collect items. All we need is your pickup address and we will arrange pickup ourselves.
4Who bears the cost for pickup? Do we need to pay?
We bear the cost of pickup! GenerousMe appreciates your donations, and the least we can do is bear the pickup costs. Our goal is simply to make it easy for you, no extra burden involved. That said, we welcome all voluntary donations which will be used to cover logistics and other operational expenses
5Can I deliver from out of Lagos?
Absolutely but we would need to make special arrangements for you. Please send us an email and we would contact you.
6Are there specific pickup days and times?
No, you schedule a time convenient for you within the available periods
7If I donate cash, what would it be used for?
If specific to a project, it would be used to fund that project. Otherwise, it would be allocated across ongoing projects.
8How do I know what vehicle to book for pickup?
Based on your assessment of the size of items to be donated. Images of the vehicles are provided.
9Who are pickup champions and skill volunteers?
Pickup champions are volunteers who assist with aggregating donation items in their vicinities while skill volunteers are those who contribute specific skill sets to the team's operations

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